Capital Finance is a financial consulting firm organized in 1987 and specializing in the loan, loan portfolio, and financial management needs of individual businesses and financial institutions. Shortly after inception, we began receiving requests to assist attorneys and their clients with financially related litigation support and expert witness testimony.

These requests were based upon our years of “hands on” high level experience at financial institutions, broad range of experience and knowledge, understanding of the foundations of financial institutions and our ability to communicate the issues in a simple, clear and concise way.  Over the years, Capital Finance has grown by adding exceptionally qualified specialists in each category of finance including commercial lending, asset based finance, residential mortgage issues, community bank lending, correspondent banking and more.

This expert practice continues based upon our management’s experience in observing what happens on the inside of businesses, banks, and all types of lending institutions. Our clients range from some of the largest publicly traded companies to local clients based upon our ability to communicate complex financial issues in easy to understand terms that people relate to. Over the years, we have handled cases in which the amounts in dispute range from less than $200,000 to more than $2 Billion. Mr. Fried has consulted on behalf of some of the world’s largest banks (including six of the ten largest U.S. bank holding companies) and in more than 80 cases. He has qualified as an expert witness at trial in eight different states.

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Let us show you how using the right expert witness can improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

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