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We provide litigation support, consulting and expert witness testimony to attorneys, financial institutions, businesses and individuals involved in financially related disputes. Our combined 125 years of high-level, broadly based banking experience offers an understanding of how banks and other lenders operate internally that can not be duplicated by other experts. This knowledge and experience, combined with a clarity of communication that allows everyone to understand the issues, provides clients and their attorneys with financial and expert witness/litigation support services that result in the best possible outcome. We have extensive experience testifying in matters related to public or private financial institutions including lending, interest rates, bankruptcy, banking operations, regulatory influence, procedures, policies and standards of practice and conduct.

The following information is excerpted from “Three Ways Law Firms Can Utilize an Expert Witness to Improve Efficiency” by Barry Jay Epstein, Ph.D., CPA and Elaine Vullmahn, CPA, CIA. Law firms should take the opportunity to reveal areas where the firm can enhance, and even expand, current services while simultaneously reducing the time and cost that must be expended. Law firms can improve efficiency throughout the litigation process by retaining an expert witness early on, and then consulting with that expert witness throughout the trial preparation process.

Attorneys find that while they have obtained every conceivable document they are left to hunt for hidden needles in many haystacks. Law firms benefit greatly by having litigation support personnel familiar with such technical documents review discovery material to quickly identify crucial pieces of evidence.

An expert witness could provide great insight into case themes and strategies that have been previously employed and be effective in presenting the facts for the case at hand. Attorneys should keep in mind that it is the expert witness who has had the greatest opportunity to observe juror reactions from the witness stand.


It is critical for attorneys to ask the right questions and obtain the right response that will lead to admissible evidence. An experienced expert witness provides invaluable guidance on what and how questions should be asked on complex or technical aspects of a case.

(To read the entire article click here. Excerpts and reprint with permission of the authors.)

Let us show you how using the right expert witness can improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Areas of Expertise

Bank Policies and Procedures Lender Liability
Standards of Practice Regulatory Procedures, Influence & Issues
Forensic Commercial Lending
Commercial Loans
Accounts Receivable Financing
Construction Loans
Commercial Mortgages
Equipment Loans
Standards of Conduct
Breach of Covenants
Negligence/Gross Negligence
Breach of Fiduciary Duties
Loan Evaluation & Administration
Good Faith
Fairness/ Interest Rates
Fraud/ Dischargeability
Commercial Finance
Purchase Order Finance
Credit Analysis Equipment Leasing
Banking Regulations & Laws Consumer & Credit Reporting Laws
Bank Operations Loan Participations, Syndications & Documentation
Troubled Debt Restructuring Practices & Loan Workouts Loan Portfolio Purchases & Sales
Collection Practices Loan Commitments